Sidekick Beta Test Group

Want to BREAK something? If you have the urge to do so, join the Sidekick BETA program. You will help us test out our platform to see if you can find bugs or problems with it. 

What is Sidekick? 

In simple terms, it's a machine learning AI that will help you coordinate your meetings. 
  • How many times have you forgotten to follow up or nudge someone to pick a time and forgotten about the meeting? We have too. 
  • What a pain in the a$! it is to coordinate groups of people's schedules and find a time that works for everyone? We get it. 
  • What if you're sick or need to cancel all your meetings? Sidekick will automatically do that for you. 
  • Ok, someone emails to reschedule. Here we go again.... Well with Sidekick you don't have to waste time doing it anymore. 

Why is Sidekick better than "other AI"?

Well... there really is almost none. Most of the "smart" scheduling softwares are clunky, dated and create more work for users. With Sidekick you don't have to CC or BCC any email, you don't have to give it exact commands and it doesn't show your full schedule to the world. 

Basically, Sidekick is a true AI machine learning program that will make your life easier. 
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